Receive Personal Loans with Collateral

Secured personal loans also known as collateral loans reduce the risk for the lender to the borrower by requiring an asset prior to the loan. Whenever the borrower is unable to or neglects to give back the personal loan, the collateral that was offered initially will have a new owner. With the assurance of collateral, most collateral or secured loans will have a lower interest rate than unsecured loans. Our possessions hold personal value and importance, so it is good to know all the potential drawbacks towards getting a collateral loan.

Explanation of Different Collateral Loans

Anything that has value to the banks can be applied as collateral such as automobiles. These personal collateral loans are also known as car title loans or auto title loans. The value of the car is typically worth more than the actual loan amounts. This is a reassurance to the lender that they will get their money back. You will generally receive half of the value of the car.

Putting Your House Up For Collateral

Others may get personal loans with their house for collateral but there is an enormous caution before placing down the piece of estate or house. You could lose your home and property if you ever default with the lender. This would not be advocated for anyone who still uses their collateral as a home. You could end up losing your home for a value less than you expect.

Once you agree to the value of the collateral and borrow that amount, any changes in collateral value will have to be paid up by you. If a part of your estate was originally worth $50,000 and sank in value to $30,000, you would still have to pay back $20,000. The property is now only worth $30,000 to the bank. Since you borrowed $50,000, you would still have a $20,000 debt to the lender.

You lost your property because the value of the property sank. In order to keep the previous scenario from taking place, it is recommended not to borrow the whole value of the collateral. Only take up what you need and adhere to things that you are ready to part with just in case you do fail to repay the loan. Even if you just borrow what you require, remember that you will invariably end up paying more than the original total due to the interest rates.

If you have no collateral but hold a steady job, there might be other lending loans available to you. One such personal loan is a payday loan where you can get a portion of your paycheck upfront, provided you agree to give them your paycheck if you are unable to repay.

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