What Makes a Good Credit Counselor?

Credit counseling is something that is required by all states in order to file for bankruptcy. But, what makes a good credit counselor and how do you find one? Many people will not even both looking for some kind of credit counseling until they are in huge financial debt. A credit counselor, for those unfamiliar, is simply a person or company that helps consumers like you make a budget and a spending plan that they can live by along with a debt schedule and how to pay off their debt.

A good credit counselor is someone who is going to be there for you at anytime waiting to help you with what you need. They should not care how much time they are spending on the phone or over the computer with you. They are in business for you and should want to help you obtain your goals in any way possible.

Charge Reasonably Lower Fees

The best credit counselor is one that is going to charge very small fees. There fee should not be far over fifty dollars. The best credit counseling agency to go with is going to be a not for profit, but those can be hard to find since many of them are not very legit now a days. A good credit counselor is going to help you figure out your finances and come up with a good program that fits your particular needs. Never just simply go with a company because someone else used them.

Not all credit counseling companies can be trustworthy, nor do they do exactly what they say they will. Taking the time to do the proper research and base your choice on what you need and think should be provided is also another great way to find the best credit counselor. Look into the companies back ground and if they have very few complaints from other consumers and their rates as well as fees seem reasonable then they may be worth your time. Speak with a couple of different companies to determine which one offers you the most help for you particular situation.

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