Understanding Popular Auto Loans

In this current economy, there are many different types of popular auto loans that people use to get a car. Many offer varying interest rates and car loans that are sure to meet the needs of the borrower regardless of their credit or financial situation. These auto loans are standard auto loans, title loans and zero interest rate auto loans.

Zero Interest Auto Loans

These popular loans are commonly offered when sales and foot traffic into the showrooms decreases. The main goal is to get you into the car store and from there the car salesmen will work their tactics on you. Here are some things you should consider before being enticed by these promotional offers.

  • Not everyone will be eligible for zero interest auto loans because of their lowered credit score. Make sure you know what your credit scores are so you can be prepared.
  • Find out the average selling price of the car you want. Car salesmen will try to give you lower monthly payments but raise the price of the car in the process.

Standard Auto Loan Interest Rates

Interest rates currently being quoted for purchasing cars, both new and used, will vary wildly from state to state; even rates quoted in the same state by different lenders can vary by as much as 6 percentage points. Popular auto loans, for instance, can vary between *3.15 percent and *9.12 percent for new cars, with car loan payments made monthly over 4 years. This can make a dramatic difference to the payments. Be aware that the interest rates that you get will initially depend on your credit history and credit scores. Some auto loan companies will charge dealer fees, while others do not charge a fee at all; this should be taken into account when calculating the overall cost of the loan.

However, in these difficult economic times, more and more auto loan companies are offering what is known as ‘title loans’.

Popular Title Loans In Tough Times

For the uninitiated, a title loan is a loan that is secured on a vehicle which is wholly owned by the person applying for that loan. The title of the vehicle is signed over to the loan company before the loan is finalized. The loans are invariably very short term, usually over 30 to 60 days. The loan has to be repaid in full, which should be something the person borrowing the money has budgeted for.

But here is the crux. These loans carry an APR of anything up to 250 percent, which is ten times the highest main stream lender’s credit card rate. These loans are not for the faint hearted, and have been branded “predatory lending”.

The Consumer Federation of America (CFA) and the Center for Responsible Lending have both issued reports and warnings about title loans and all the inherent repercussions if the car loan payment is not made within the specified agreed time.

If these two organizations are anything to go by, the general consensus of opinion is to steer well clear of such financial products, and stick to products with more conventional loan interest rates.

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