How Does Car Lending Work With No Credit?

No credit car loans are lending loans that are offered without a credit check. They are essentially for people who have either bad credit or no credit at all. These people usually do not have the ability to apply for a normal loan. Even though no credit car loans are not exactly the easiest things to find, they are available. There are many different car loans that are available through a car dealership. However, these types of loans understand your desperation for a car and will only allow you to purchase a car at that specific dealership.

Qualifying for Car Loans with No Credit

In order to qualify for a no credit car loan, you need to prove to the lender that you have the ability to pay back the loan. Qualifying for this type of loan usually does not take much. You just need a good job that pays you enough income to pay off your bills and your potential car loan. The monthly car payment is usually twenty percent or less than your monthly income. For example, if you were to make around four thousand dollars a month, your monthly car payment would be around eight hundred dollars a month.

Down Payment and Interest Rates

There is no doubt that you will have to pay a large down payment on the car before you can actually obtain the no credit car loan from a lender. The down payment is usually anywhere between ten percent and fifty percent of the car’s asking price. Although this can be a bad thing, it is important to understand the lender’s position. Since the lender usually deals with people who have little or no credit, this is a way to make sure that they do not lose too much money. In addition, the interest rate will be very high. The payment fees will probably be just as high.

Pre-Payment Penalties

In the case of some lending companies, there will be a pre-payment penalty fee. This is a fee that is charged to you if you happen to pay off the entire loan before the last of the loan is actually due. Because of this, you should read the terms of your loan before you actually agree to anything.

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