No Credit Check Personal Loans: Lifesaver or Potential Pitfall?

No credit check personal loans are used by hundreds of thousands of individuals each week. These loans can be used to purchase anything from a car to food to put on the table. There are thousands of retail locations where a consumer can obtain a no credit check personal loan with minimal information required.

Requirements For No Credit Check Personal Loans

The only information that is required when applying for a personal loan is an active checking account as well as a pay stub. Finally, a proof of identification such as a driver’s license must be brought with to meet federal requirements. Most no credit check personal loan companies will loan up to 70% of what your average pay has been. For example, if you typically get paid $1000 per week most companies will not loan more than $700 at one time. A consumer may borrow more only after they have paid off their existing personal loan. Some personal loan companies will loan out a smaller out the first time you take a loan with them. This is to prevent fraud as well as default.

No credit check personal loans are great for consumers who need money right away. They do not require a lender to verify that a consumer has a good credit history or a credit history at all. These types of loans are perfect for individuals who may have damaged their credit or are new users of credit. Individuals interested in taking out a no credit check personal loan must bring valid identification, a copy of their paystub and their active checking account number with them at the time they apply for their loan.

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